Anne is 93. She served in the Second World War and worked in the UK up until the age of 76. She paid her National Insurance in full. But the British government now thanks her with the indignity of a ‘frozen’ pension. Anne’s pension was ‘frozen’ at £72.50 per week when she left the UK for Canada to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. Her pension doesn’t increase in-line with inflation so it falls in real value year-on-year. If she had stayed in the UK she would be getting £125.95 per week. Astonishingly there are over 520,000 British pensioners in similar positions, most of whom live in Commonwealth countries, where as other countries like America and the Philippines are unaffected. 

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The End Frozen Pensions campaign aims to reverse the pension injustice imposed on about half the Britons who have moved abroad. Many people - 520,000 - are affected. Although a large number, it is just 4% of British pensioners who do not receive the annual increase received by all other British pensioners. This small minority are known as ‘frozen pensioners’ and their pensions fall in real value year-on-year forcing many into poverty. For example, a pensioner aged 90 living in the U.K. will receive £125.95 per week whereas the same pensioner in a ‘frozen country’ receives only £43.60. This injustice only affects overseas British pensioners who do not reside in the EU, EEA countries or countries like the USA, Turkey, Israel, Mauritius and the Philippines. More than 95% of the unjustly frozen pensioners are retired in Commonwealth countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The U.K. is the only OECD country which engages in such an infamous practise. The campaign, run by the International Consortium of British Pensioners, advocates on behalf of the 520,000 Britons affected. Many U.K. MPs support a change in the unfair practise of frozen pensions.

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